• Create your own signature look in our showroom in Las Vegas. 7000 Placid Street, Las Vegas, NV

  • Approved vendor for Hilton's newest room interior package: Hampton Inn Forever Young

  • Move over tired dorm furniture, "Aria" is here to update your look.

Foliot Furniture is an industry leader in the design and construction of quality collegiate and hospitality furniture.

Why choose us

Commitment. Expertise. Service. Quality. Durability. This is who we are.

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Foliot Furniture has 2 North American factories to serve you, fulfill your needs and deliver the right product on time. With a fully automated production line, Foliot Furniture is able to manufacture every product with extreme precision resulting in perfectly assembled and consistently identical furniture.

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As a leader in the Contract Furnishing industry, Foliot Furniture Inc. offers contract pricing to a variety of State and Local customers. 

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