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Welcome to Foliot Furniture – State Of Florida  Educational/Institutional Furniture

Foliot Furniture has State Term Contract with the state of Florida for the provision of Educational/Institutional Furniture to all State Agencies and other Eligible Users.  The scope of this contract includes furniture commonly used in educational facilities or institutions, including but not limited to: dormitory furniture, cafeteria/dining furniture, classroom furniture, laboratory furniture, outdoor furniture, folding tables & chairs, auditorium seating, lockers, stages & risers, individual and multiple seating units, correctional, and healthcare furniture.


All purchase orders shall bear the Contract number and be placed directly with Foliot Furniture. Please refer to the Ordering Instructions Form and the Authorized Servicing Dealer & Manufacturer's Reprenstatives Form for more information.


George Hulbert
Florida District Manager
Cell.: 423.525.6834
Foliot Furniture Pacific
7000 Placid Street
Las Vegas, NV
Tel.: 702.385.2010
Fax: 702.385.1024



For more information regarding Foliot Furniture environmental policy, please refer to our Green by Nature initiative.