Our Job Fair is back!

Come meet us at our Las Vegas factory on

Thursday, May 12 from 8am to 3pm.

Since we are constantly expanding, we are looking for dynamic people to
fill a variety of positions. Great opportunities in the offices, in the factory, temporary,
permanent, with or without experience… what you need, we have it!

Come and chat with us at our offices during our job fair, you will meet people
proud of their story and wants to hear yours.

We want to know more about you!

Write us to learn more about our job fair.

At Foliot, diversity is one of our collective strengths which we make happen with positive people who bring out the best in everyone, in an electrifying atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

If your ambition is to learn, grow, evolve and build a career, come and write the Foliot story with us. We want to meet you on our job fair on December 9th in order to get to know you and possibly send you off with a nice permanent position.

You will meet a team who is proud to work for a top-growing Quebec company and proud to be manufacturing quality furniture. You can get informed on our exciting benefits and conditions.

*Certain conditions may apply!