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John Thouin

Sales Manager Hospitality

Candlewood Suites        

Rob Estes

Director of Business Development Hospitality

Mahesh Parekh

Executive Director Business Development Hospitality

Olivier Begin

Canada District Manager University

Philippe McAllister

Hospitality Sales Director - Business Development, Canada

Days Inns-Canada

George Hulbert

National Sales Director

Maxime Fortier

Sales Director Hospitality

Andre Forest

Sales Manager Hospitality

Greg Centuori

Sales Manager Hospitality

Home2 Suites

Stephane Belisle

Vice President

Karen Cox

Sales Manager Hospitality

Sam Gervais

Southeast District Manager University

Pascal Howe

Northeast District Manager University

Frank Raymond

Sales Manager Hospitality

Holiday Inn Express

Jeremy Panneton

Midwest District Manager University

Kevin Taylor

Sales Manager Hospitality

Holiday Inn Express

Signature Inn

Andrew Farrell

West Coast District Manager University

Amanda Mckay

Director of Sales Operations

Thor Augustus

Southwest District Manager University / Government

David Lavigueur

Sales Manager Hospitality

Atwell Suites    

avid Hotels