Our Story


Manufacturing differently
since 1991

Our design projects may vary,
but our underlying priority is always the same:
to create adaptable and stimulating environments
that help us live better.

“I hadn’t planned on being an entrepreneur. As a young father of four, I was looking for a way to balance satisfying work with family life. Then, one day, I felt like it was time to branch out on my own.”

“Success is lived every day. We are very proud of our team.”
“Success is lived every day. We are very proud of our team.”
Daniel Foliot Founder

Foliot has been a trusted name in the educational industry for over 25 years. Our first furniture line was developed for daycares and elementary schools. In 1997, we began working with universities to help them meet their growing student housing demands and to reimagine their learning environments.

In 2009, we expanded into the hospitality business. Foliot quickly became known for its innovative laminate furniture and its ability to produce original, quality products that are cost-effective, reliable, durable, and delivered on time.

Our Evolution


Daniel Foliot starts his company

After launching a successful new division in his woodworking company, Daniel Foliot decides to sell his shares and branch out on his own. He opens Foliot Furniture that same year.


The pioneering “L’enfant patient” furniture collection

The company’s first product line features a children’s desk created for preschool and daycare markets.


Domestic manufacturing

With the company growing steadily, Daniel decides to open an 1,800-square-foot factory in Montreal, Quebec. Foliot Furniture is comprised of 6 full-time employees manufacturing furniture at the Canadian site.


First university housing contract

Foliot lands a major contract with the Université du Quebec à Montréal, which opens the door to the extensive institutional market. Foliot shifts gears to concentrate on this exciting new venture.


Investing in quality control and new equipment

Another expansion adds a 40,000-square-foot factory to the business. The purchase of state-of-the-art machinery modernizes the company with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and productivity.


Continued growth and expansion

Foliot’s continued success means the company is now recognized as one of the leaders in the educational market. A new 250,000-square-foot factory enables Foliot to produce furniture for approximately 15,000 student rooms per year.


The seat of success

To diversify Foliot’s product offering, Daniel travels to Tennessee to meet world experts in upholstery. The company hires a new team of experts and adds seating collections to the portfolio.


International expansion

To better serve their North American clients with the competitive lead times and price points they’re known for, Foliot opens a 309,000-square-foot factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. This strategic location allows Foliot to break into the hospitality market and have direct access to the booming Vegas hotel industry. As a result, Foliot becomes an approved vendor for a steadily increasing number of major hotel brands.


And there’s still more!

To date, Foliot has designed, manufactured and delivered furniture for over 1 million hotels, resorts, colleges, and university rooms across North America. The company innovates and expands into new markets every year while maintaining the same integrity, values and high quality standards.

The best
is yet to come

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